Association du Puits Au Chat

Association du Puits Au Chat

The APACH (Association du Puits Au Chat)
of Blain organizes events around the pleasure in reading,
writing and listening.


APACH (Association du Puits Au Chat) from Blain (44)  organizes activities about reading, writing and listening.

From 1911 to 1991, the  association maintained a library in order to keep public reading accessible to everyone in Blain.

It was known as “Bibliothèque populaire  du canton de Blain”  (Blain township public library).

On its 80 years birthday, the library  changed its name to become  “Bibliothèque du Puits au Chat” (Puits au Chat Library),  hamlet of Gavre Forest.

The media library project came to fruition and opened its doors in 2009.

At this time, the association took the name of “Amis du Puits au Chat” (APACh) In dialogue with the municipality, the association

proposes doing different activities around the universe of books.

In the end of February 2018, the  convention has expired and the municipality has chosen not to reiterate it.

We are an association of  volunteers run by a board of directors.

We organize regular activities such as writing workshops, book  club and home reading.

We also plan events including meeting with authors, book fair, kamishibai, reading aloud and Printemps  des Poètes.

The association favors partnership activities.


APACh association

Passage Sophie Scholl

44130 BLAIN


1 Chemin de la Prée

44130 BLAIN

(à côté du Cinéma, derrière le

 Centre Socio-Culturel Tempo)